Change course in your business

Five examples of enterprisers that gave a new direction to their initial activity another… And they survived!


Change course in your business

Can a screws company convert into a manufacturer of dental prothesis? You bet! Opposition to change is the worst for a business that is out of order and if a change of activity is essential, it would be a good idea a fast alter without any tremble of hands. Here you are five examples of enterprisers that knew how to re-focus their occupations in time.


Anything is unchangeable and even less in the jobs world. There is not a little number the quantity of companies that began with an economic model and finally were succesful with another very different. There are companyies very well-known such as the Keraben group, that began as a pesticides manufacturer and finished turning it into a world reference pottery recoverings. Or Abengoa, that started as an electric meters and now is one of the main Spanish and world engineering companies. Or, out of our borders, the emblematical case of IBM, that was near its disappearance till it knew how to re-focus as a technological services company…


Grounds to make the decision

The grounds for the re-focus can be varied, from the more basic of a mistake in the initial approach of the strategy to a normative change than can treat our model, or an upset in the market or a tendency modify amongst other possibilities.


Motivations are actually indifferent. The most important in this field is to be capable to recognize that business model is going bad: it requires a re-focus turn, to begin a precise way and, overall, without sticking to old references.


“Often the entreprisers persist in an idea of their business and they are not aware of the convenience of considering approaches to what they believe how should be the model. It’s a good idea to come closer to it with a more direct form, so the project could be adapt progressively to the reality the enterpriser could be find with”, explains Jordi Vinaixa, head of Instituto de Iniciativa Emprendedora of ESADE.


“It’s what I know like Christopher Columbus: it begins in a direction and with an objective and, depending on he or she finally finds, [the enterpriser] change direction to another discovery model”, he finishes.


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