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New times

Companies, more and more each day, prefer a contract in accordance with projects of specialized professionals that provide them the best service in time and type.


That’s the own mark that each professional could carve out on the Internet, and the opinion that users and customers will share about his quality services, will determine, in many topics, his or her future.


This tendency, on the rise, was the catapult that shoot up the birth and development of dedicating platforms to get in touch salaried with companies. (…) “A platform make you known possible and, also, than other users check that you are a good worker in your field”, reads [Jaime Fernández, cofounder of Guudjob, an app].


“The own community is who verifies the employee and the contractor quality. If any firm doesn’t do its payment, or if the service freelance quality to the concern is not on a par with the foresight, both of them will be out of the net”, confirms Sebastián Siseles, general manager of for Spain and Latin America.


In that platform already has been published more than 6,5 million projects. Who contracts the freelance can negotiate in the agreement, with independence, the price, the periods and the details of each initiative and pay on-line when it would be satisfied with the result. The main countries where Spanish business people are hired are, in this order, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, Vietnam, USA and United Kingdom. The Spanish independent workers are hired, overall, by offices of Spain, USA, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada and Germany.


It is not an easy business. For the stands, the great challenge is to avoid the concerns contact directly with freelances, jumping them therefore, their special assignment as intermediaries. For freelances, for their part, “the highly international competition, especially in fields as the web development, compel to maintain reasonable prices”, affirm sources of this sector.


In this context, to get a great volume is crucial. Guudjob, for the time being, choose that the two parties get in touch, and [the group] remains on the margin of the services payment. That is, it doesn’t recive any special assignment. “Later on, when we will bet a specific critical mass, we think about that business model makes sense to insert”, comments Mr. Fernández.



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