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Creators of dreams

We converse with the professionals that hight-light tendency in Do it Yourself styles, matters and techniques so that they share their creations and they announce to us their projects. It’s what we will see in the future and, therefore, now is succeeding in the vanguard. We wanted to know what crossed their mind before managing to do. They are craftsmanship people and creators each minute of a day, and we want to learn from them.


Creators of dreams


What be based on the new creators? They tell us that their muses are nature, volums, the Eastern World, their fears, etc. Some of them, as Espaibuenrollo, assure us: “I see a cardboard and I detect that the object was already there”. We try it as well: we review a cardboard box, we look old fashioned collections of stamps, we grasp the pen… And we finish making sure what is obvious: they are the artists. After they remind us that we have other know-hows, we feel that art is generous.

They ready us the way for our carrying out of our innermost artist or, simply, they built the canal in order to our interest in their works.

All the pieces are unique. There is no mass-production, the quantities and craftsmanship are closed and very connected. They exist thanks to this interaction. We analyse different styles: Tánata uses colour and volume, the Aitor Saraiba is visceral, poetic and complex. Similar to the iconography of Pablo Salvaje, that found his own creativity expression in a special work of stamps [carvado in the original]. Also they try new combinations. As the proposal of Tresencaja, that ties up the technology of the 3D printers with the glass paper.

Another current tendency is the recovery of wastes. That’s how the team of L’Estoc gives new life to old pieces of house-hold goods. And if you want to make your own creations at home, there is no best way as the scrapbooking.

And who are the professionals more distinguished? Alberto Juárez, with a talent internationally recognized, and Lady Desidia, who accepted  designing of collections of “escrapear” (sic) papers. Both of them are with us in this number. And they are very, very creative.



Traducció parcial de l’article Creadores de sueños, revista Interiores (no. 175, 2014,