Tricks of conversation

Magic concepts

In front of an investor must resort to magic concepts as profitability, results, benefits, successes, to achieve, security, profit margin… These words have to be present in the conversation to appeal to his unconscious.


Positive conversation

It is what we were telling about smile [in another point of the article]. The people like to be with “good feeling” people so if we generate a positive sensation, the investor will have more interest to participate in your business.

Refuse you topics as the crisis, bad news, reviews, etc. Speak you always in a positive way.


Tell you stories

As Josepe Garcia reminds us, “Not yet it hasn’t discovered any antidote for the ‘Many times ago’. The symbolic language, the metaphorical language is fantastic for persuading. Likewise the comparisons are very graphic for reflectins an idea and for convincing: ‘It is as if the company was a sailing boat…'”.


Literal feedback

Use you the same words as your interlocutor to obtain the correct feedback of the talk: “This feedback has to be as literal as possible because in the moment you change any word, your speaker could think you haven’t known him or her”, explains García.


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